To get to the bottom of this expose  

Illegal takeover of Accotink and Farm
after I tried to expose the accounting at bk467p191
by posting http://www.canweconnectthedots.com .

A concealed lien for unpaid taxes on the Trust property in Fairfax County appears to take over my individual property in Highland County. The Trust documents clearly state that the Trustee is not individually liable. History suggests that the fake placement of the lien on two banks in Highland County and the impenetrable shroud of secrecy means my farm in Highland County has been taken over. This is a complicated version of "pattern659". http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com/2patterns/pattern659.html (Add "feb7wait-time") A lien for unpaid taxes on the Trust property in Fairfax County was sent to Highland County. History and the available

A lien for unpaid taxes on the Trust property in Fairfax County was sent to Highland County. History and the available evidence suggests that this lien and the extreme secrecy surrounding it means my farm in Highland County has been taken over and the intent is to use this lien behind an invisible wall to make it appear that the takeover is my fault.

I believe the Highland County Commissioner of Revenue Darlene Crummett <darlene.crummett@highlandcounty.gov> and the Highland County Commonwealth Attorney Melissa Ann Dowd <madlaw@htc.net> could show whether the actual lien was placed against my individual property described in the Highland County Court records at book 87 page 240. My emails to the Commisioner and the Commonwealth Attorney bounce. They didn't used to.

What is the intent in concealing the lien trail?

"We do no work in Highland County and am unsure of the relation of any 'lien' you are referencing to the tax lien on the real estate owned in Fairfax County"
(From TACS email of August 1, 2012, at 6:31am to Anthony OConnell)

"As Mr. Rife indicated, this has nothing to do with property located in Highland County. nor with the Clerk of the Court"
(From Director Greenlief's email of August 2, 2012, at 4:19pm, to Anthony OConnell)

"This action has nothing to do with property located in Highland County."
(From Director Greenlief's email of August 7, 2012, at 5:41am, to Anthony OConnell)

Does anyone recognize that the lien was sent to Highland County? Does anyone recognize that these addresses are in Highland County?

The Blue Grass Valley Bank
PO Box 6
Blue Grass, VA 24413

First and Citizens Bank
195 W Main Street
Monterey, VA 24465

If the secrecy could be removed I believe it would show that the "bank liens" are fakes and are intended to divert attention from the actual lien trail. I did not have an account in the Blue Grass Valley Bank on May 11, 2012, or in the First and Citizens Bank on July 26, 2012.

It would not be prudent to try to sell my farm until the secrecy surrounding this lien is removed. Is this predatory goverment and those in control look the other way or attack the landowner's character and that trumps the rule of law? Is there any authority in our Country who would remove the secrecy, follow the trails, and enforce the law here? If not I'm dead.


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Jean Miner O'Connell, our Mother, did not want assets to disappear from her estate or her family torn apart to cover it up. The CPA Joanne L. Barnes (SN 579-44-3240, EIN 541040148?), the Attorney Edward J. White, and their collaborators, did that. Their signature cover is to use a trusting member of the family they victimize to unwittingly divide and disempower the family. They are insulated beyond imagination. It is fiducary rape.

It appears to be the perfect cover. In twenty-three (23) years not one member of the establishment has tried to expose their accounting or tried to stop them from using our trusting sister. Not one. This accounting fraud is here to stay, and the only protection familes have is themselves. Secrecy between family members is essential to these accountants and fatal to the family. If your family insists on no secrecy between family members these accountants will leave your family alone.

Can anyone stop my trusting family members from being used? Please keep in mind that the accountants and their colaborators have been telling my family for twenty-three years that I am the bad guy. You will not believe the size of the forces musterred against me, to stop me from trying to expose the accounting. Suggestion - Verify that none of the items in the complaint they had my sister sign are true, and then try to convince my sister that none of the items are true.  http://www.chiefjudgesmith.com/complaint/complaint-home.html

1) Jean OConnell Nader, 350 Fourth Avenue, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, 15068, Tel 724 337-7537 (My sister) For some reason I can no longer get this address on mapquest. The links below show it is a real address -

2) Amy Nader Johnson, 1401 West View Drive, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, 15068-5947, natron36@hotmail.com (About half a mile from her Mom, Jean OConnell Nader)

To expose accounting fraud it is necessary to expose the accountiung. If you are not totally convinced that the only way to get to the truth is to expose the trails (money trails, document trails, what should be but isn't trails, etc.,), and that trails trump everything, this is a good place to stop.